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Work with our borrowers to build foundations for financial freedom.

Financial coaching is the backbone of our financial assistance program. Without it, borrowers can receive emergency loans and build their credit score, but will be likely to fall back into bad habits that worsen their financial position.

If you are representing an organization that would like to partner with us either to provide coaches or refer borrowers, more information can be found on our Partner page

More information on the specifics of our financial coaching curriculum can be found on our Coaching page.


Undergo Training

Meet with one of our coach trainers, go through the coaching curriculum yourself, and learn how to address commonly faced hurdles.


Shadow a Coach

Assist and learn from a practiced coach.


Join Our Team

Once you feel comfortable meeting with a client, you will be ready to begin coaching individuals.


Any questions can be sent via our Contact page or directly to vista@betterfi.co


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