Building Financial Fitness


The Capital Good Curriculum

Additional information will be here soon, but we are starting with a proven platform for financial fitness, the Capital Good Fund's coaching curriculum. Some of the basics are below.

If you are interested in being a coach, please visit our Volunteer page.


Goal Setting and Budgeting

The only way to know where you've gone is to know where you were. Financial coaching  clients will begin by setting goals and developing budgets, documents that they will be able to return to over the course of months or years to measure progress.

More information coming soon.

Credit, Banking, and Debt

APRs, interest, fees, balloon payments, overdraft fees, credit scores, etc. -- we work with our clients to empower them to interpret credit and banking concepts before they get trapped. Once we have covered the concepts, we work with our borrowers to evaluate their banking options as well as options for consolidating and paying down existing debt.

More information coming soon.



Saving and Health

Finally we focus on thrift and saving, returning to clients' goals to evaluate the most effective strategies for saving and reaching savings goals. We incorporate this into a component on health, looking at both healthcare options and ways to ultimately save costs via healthy living.

More information coming soon.