No Funny Business


Easier-to-repay loans designed to build financial fitness.

In Tennessee, car title and payday lenders can effectively charge up to 264% per year. These lenders often prey on those least able to afford high-cost loans, and, at the very least, market and design their products in a way to confuse borrowers. Our loans cap at 24% per year, and successive repayments and participation in financial coaching will open up access to larger and cheaper loans for borrowers.

Currently we prefer to offer loans to individuals referred to us through one of our partner organizations. We are always looking for local non-profits, employers, churches, and other organizations that see a need for our product among their beneficiaries, employees, congregation, or clients. If you would like your employer or other organization to offer our loans, please have them contact us by sending them to

If you are representing an organization that would like to partner with us either to provide coaches or refer borrowers, more information can be found on our Partner page

If you are looking to refinance a predatory loan to reduce your monthly payments and the time you’d be stuck in debt, send us a text at 931 - 313 - 9942.

Some of Our Partners

Throughout BetterFi's pilot, we are partnering with other organization whose clients, members, employees, or congregation could benefit from access to affordable emergency loans and/or financial coaching. We look for partners who will vet potential clients and assist clients in the collection of required documents, referring individuals who will commit to improving their financial fitness and repaying any loans that they receive.